What type of urban development will be provided in Austral and Leppington North?

There will be:

  • 17,350 homes, ranging from units and terraces to detached homes and rural residential areas
  • 54,000 residents
  • Leppington Major Town Centre and Railway Station
  • Austral Town Centre (Fifteenth Ave and Edmondson Ave)
  • Smaller centres at Edmondson Ave (existing centre), Eighth Ave(western end) and Gurners Ave / Fourth Ave
  • 2 high schools
  • 5 primary schools
  • 4 Ha of parklands
  • 220 Ha of industrial land



The Australian Government has confirmed that the site for Western Sydney’s airport will be Badgerys Creek. The government has suggested that construction is expected to begin in 2016 and will be completed by mid-2020s. During the peak of the construction an estimated will 4000 jobs will be generated.

Click here to read the Prime Minister’s media release.

The airport at Badgerys Creek is proposed to start out as a smaller sized airport with a single runway which will serve the expected moderate demand in the short term, but eventually will develop into a full scale airport with parallel runways as demand increases.

The predicted initial cost of building the airport will be in the order of $2.4 billion based on estimated in the Joint Study on aviation capacity in the Sydney region, of which the majority of the investment is expected to come from the private sector. The Federal Government is expected to take the lead on facilitating the surrounding infrastructure, primarily focussing on roads.

Click here to read the Joint Study on aviation capacity in the Sydney region report.

Airport Consultation Summary

In November 2013 Council undertook a survey.  A summary of the results is as follows. Key Findings

  • There is majority support for a second Sydney airport and for a Badgerys Creek located airport.
  • The majority of respondents across all forms of consultation methods would use the Badgerys Creek site and perceived a wide community benefit resulting from the airport.
  • People less than 50 years and males were more likely to support the second airport and Badgerys Creek location whereas females and people aged 65 or more were more likely to oppose the location.
  • In terms of important factors:
    • Creation of local jobs and benefits to the economy were the highest ranking factors for consideration in the focus groups and telephone survey.
    • Aircraft noise ranked more highly in the online survey. This was directly linked to the higher level of opposition for a Badgerys Creek airport in the online survey
  • There was also suggestion of organised advocacy against the airport in the online survey with continuous multiple responses in opposition to the survey being received.
  • Once the results of the telephone poll and focus groups were released and the interim report published, the amount of online survey responses in opposition to the second airport increased significantly.
  • There was a higher frequency of responses in opposition from residents in Bringelly and Greendale. When taking into account the population size for those areas, it is disproportionally high. This demonstrates that there is a strong concern regarding the airport from residents in those areas.