MH Affordable Homes

Welcome to MHA Homes – Offering Affordable Housing Solutions

We help people to buy their dream!  We offer an affordable and interest free housing solution for Australians who previously thought they would not be able to buy a home due to financial limitations and traditional mortgage challenges.

MH Affordable Homes offers affordable prices for premium land, together with a commitment to helping our clients find the solution which fits their financial circumstances. Our interest-free Instalment and flexible payment plans are an attractive alternative to a traditional mortgage system for that people are waiting for long time.

Our Mission

MH Affordable Homes is dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions and flexible payment plans to enable our clients to buy a home sooner. We offer our clients the opportunity to live in a vibrant and sustainable community, where they can achieve the lifestyle they have always dreamed of without involving any long term financial burden.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for those who are seeking affordable and interest-free housing solutions as an average earners.

Who We Are

We are Australian owned company and serving community for affordable housing solution without any interest with our head office located in the heart of Sydney CBD and site office in Austral.  Our main focus is helping those Australians who never thought of buying a house due to interest hurdle. We provide them an alternative option. We are supported and funded by individual investors who also want to support community for interest free housing.

Our team of professionals is headed up by Mohammad Alamin, who has more than 10 years of experience in running different Australian businesses. Our professional and friendly team assisted many clients to realise the dream of owning their own home in this unreachable real estate market without paying any interest to the bank.

MH Affordable Homs’s Directors and Management team bring together a diverse background in strategic areas including property development, financial management, marketing and real estate experience.

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